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Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:34 am by SeharHooty

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    Life in fight 24/7

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    • 20170913
      Some time is gone since last post.
      Let's say that all that part of time was not easy for us together.
      My RA still making some tricks to be felt and not forgotten. By now stopped using MTX as docs recommended so my knee surgery can give more best for me. Had 7th surgery in 15 years. Now i have got new meniskus and will be some time recovery period. Few days after surgery was sent to check my eyes because of Plaquenil for RA. As appears it has bad influence to our eyes. All tests are good and next visit after year. Some relief at least...

      Some new updates soon.

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 74
    • 20170807
      Sleepless night in major. Getting better and better in this area too. RA is unique for sure.

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 96
    • 20170801
      Day when my RA showed his all aces, i think! I have noticed it and i will take it for knowledge to manage better every day. I am living still perfect life every day and i will, RA is small side effect to be managed in maximum to keep all in shape.

      And even too much thoughts in head makes RA activate more. What affect even sleep. Still long way to go to learn and understand

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 92
    • 20170731
      It's easy to say it's easy still... It is...Just feeling myself losing more power then to gain... Moral fight together almost a year. Always best is yet to come.

      We don't have hope - it's for weak people. We - we believe together.

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 77
    • 20170728
      To me it seems by statistics, that i am only one who have RA or some other type of arthritis and is talking about it. I am not afraid/ashamed to talk and ruin stereotype about this illness. Hope one day more will join to share and talk about it.

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 94
    • 20170728
      11 days already! Jesus. Time flies.

      My RA is stubborn still. Me? The same answer for him. RA makes me laugh for nothing. Laugh because it makes me feel so weird that i just can laugh. You all need to see then my wife. She is surprised and worried in the same moment. With all medicine mixed, after long time start to feel better in arm joints. And toes too. One is already as one piece but gives less pain at least and easier to walk. Stiffness still in mornings and evenings. And the weird thing? My right foot after some rest horizontally, cracks so loud and painful...Probably as well some...

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 101
    • 20170717
      My sickness sometimes is light as feather.

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 95
    • 20170707
      Pretty good week. At least feels like that. And it is. For 100%.
      Learning my RA habits. And RA is though, but i am stubborn. Smile

      The best feeling is still to feel and realise that you still love more and adore more your life and family. Every single day and second. They are with me, with RA. Some moments are pretty hard for all of us. But we gave promise. And promise for me is everything. For us. To keep it. Naturally. For us. Not myself or other self.
      I am enjoying (not trying) every moment...

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 99
    • 20170630
      RA is not about fight but like marriage. About relationship, respect and understanding. If my RA want to live with me, RA chose me as partner for life, I will accept his style of relationship and will study to understand RA needs, habits. His strongest sides and weakest. I don't need/ want change him. No need for that. I will adapt to find best way to deal with RA.
      In last few months he thought me a lot too. I have a got a lot information about RA too. And it really helps me. Acceptance not fight. Is a key for my RA.

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 71
    • 20170624
      It's all about mess...managing through it every second. To look for next step. To step safe.

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 72
    • 20170621
      Sometimes we all have moments to look back and find the moments where we went wrong to get RA. More or less it is our personal guilt too. Yes!

      Don't need to do that. Don't need to regret what you have done. In that moment it was the best possible/perfect solution. You/we done our best. No matter what.

      I live every single second for just myself and family. They need/deserve it. To know and feel appreciated. Still feel me.

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 71
    • 20170618
      When finally you start to accept your RA and understand after long time diagnosis is set, that you need to change habits and routine too, you start to put all down. Read, talk, listen. For everyone it is different. But for all of us is one common thing. Its is easiest part to make a plan, routine. The hardest part is to stick to it for 100%. To fight with yourself. Every single day, hour. Even second. We all lie a bit and cheat. Especially at the beginning. And after even few months when you start to realise that sticking to plan is helping and you feel better for sure every day. But still you,...

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 81
    • 20170617
      Why always in weekend my body shuts down? Because it needs restart and reboot. Slowly getting better with management of all routine and daily motion. You always can lose in seconds. But to build it up again - that's a different story. All routine and plan starts to feel in real life too. But we always want all to happen faster. Always. I have patience. Always had. All good comes slowly... Smile
      Seems like gonna be first night in approx month when my body and brains can't turn off. Big progress made in that for...

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 63
    • 20170609
      Day as a day. Sooner or later even painkillers and morphine can't help to live and work normally. Found natural helper for me - cannabis oil. One, two drops and i am human again - can work, can move, can enjoy day.

      Wish all of you to find yours too. To enjoy and live the same, or almost the same. We all deserve it.

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 61
    • 20170604
      Last two, three nights are pretty bad. No normal sleep - sweat, nightmares, etc. All because of MTX. At least found some pain relief without taking pills like morphia. Cannabis oil helps me pretty much to deal with stiffness and pain every day so i can work and live and still enjoy things.

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 68
    • 20170531
      Morning! Yes!
      Wake up stiff, cracks and sounds till warm up my body. Pain - when it's not?

      As UPS driver/service provider - i wear up mood and go to customers. They don't care about my problems. They need/want service. All provided. To make my life easier with up/down routine for joints - have arthritis gloves to ease pain. Day gets much more easier.

      If you need - go and do it. Look for solutions - they are here - behind the corner. Look around it.

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 0 - Views: 88
    • 20170527
      Yes. I know, I admit - i'm weak. A bit.
      My motto - never lie yourself. Today? Some reveal, some punch. So - took two beers. And i know it will make me feel in some kind of way empty and sick tomorrow. Still - why i'm doing it? Don't know. Honestly. Still can't find the answer. I know the answer - can't just say out loud in mirror to myself. I AM WEAK! Need some courage too. I have, i don't. That's how it goes in my head.
      Tomorrow need some force to go out and enjoy weather. With family. Not so often have weekends together free. Will have some weakness again, but making progress step...

      by piilaadziitis - Comments: 1 - Views: 132

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